Peak body unveils national construction industry charter

The ACA has released a national charter for the industry, outlining ten commitments to reform the nation’s construction sector.

Modular plant bolsters gold production

A modular crushing and screening plant solution is playing a vital role in delivering production capacity for a New South Wales gold processing operation.

Down the hole gel marks paradigm shift in stemming tech

It’s been a work in progress for four years but a longstanding dust control company has devised an innovative alternative to conventional rock stemming in blasting. Mason Trouchet, of Rainstorm Dust Control, spoke to Damian Christie about the company’s new stem gel product.

Machinery operators, drivers faced highest number of workplace fatalities in 2019

Safe Work Australia has released updated work health and safety statistics, which compiles national data on all workers and bystanders injured at work.

Peak body unveils national construction industry charter

The ACA has released a national charter for the industry, outlining ten commitments to reform the nation’s construction sector.

South Australia anticipates ‘tidal wave’ of construction, jobs

The South Australian Government has announced it has begun its "building boom" across the state with more than $1 billion of infrastructure projects expected within the next six months.

CCAA urges policy reforms for Queensland post-election

The CCAA has encouraged both major political parties in Queensland to deliver reforms for the heavy construction materials industry after the state election.

Engineering insights event anticipates future market outlook, materials demand

A wet processing symposium run by CDE Global featured speakers from BIS Oxford and Repurpose It. They provided insight into the challenges and expectations of Australia’s extractive industry moving forward.

Volvo predicts quarries will be early adopters of autonomous transport

Volvo Autonomous Solutions has predicted that quarries and light mining will implement automated transport first.

Topcon Positioning Systems updates pipe laser range

The new TP-L6 series of pipe lasers are available in red or green beam and include a shorter length for tight pits.

NT Government to use recycled asphalt for the first time

Two major Darwin roads will be paved with recycled asphalt in a first-ever initiative for the Territory.
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Record numbers for 2020 Women in Industry event



Water management in the extractive industries


Collision avoidance with ifm O3M sensor system




Delivering predictive maintenance for exploratory drilling with ifm technology

Cortex Intelligent Systems, a company engaged in automated exploratory drilling, is using ifm technology to remotely control the drill rigs under extremely harsh working conditions, with the collaboration resulting in considerable cost-savings for Cortex’s customers.

Radar level transmitters lead the way

The use of VEGA's radar level transmitters has increased due to their ability to provide non-contact measurement.

Ambiguities identified in Queensland’s industrial manslaughter laws

A law expert has pointed out several ambiguities in language used in the Queensland Government’s new industrial manslaughter laws that will make the prosecution of senior officers for health and safety negligence in the quarrying and mining sectors problematic.

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Expedition to uncover geological secrets of Macquarie Island

A voyage on the CSIRO’s research vessel RV Investigator is being conducted by MAS and ANU scientists to map the seafloor surrounding Macquarie Island.

Superheated underground rocks reveal earthquake clues

  Fluidlike rocks that reach temperatures above 160 degrees Celsius have been identified to cause tremors along part of California’s …

Yellowstone National Park to be remapped by Montana State University

Researchers from Montana State University have started to update the geologic map of Yellowstone National Park in the United States.

DNA sequencing could find hidden mineral deposits

Analysing the DNA of soil microbes can be an effective mineral exploration technique, according to a study by Geoscience British Columbia.

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Sandvik upskills employees for the future

More than 20 Sandvik employees across Australia have signed up for a new vocational course to enhance their Industry 4.0 expertise.

A modified version of the Trust Equation

Mike Cameron has previously discussed the Trust Equation, and how it plays a significant role in building an organisational culture of belief and confidence. He applies his own variation of the equation to Australian working conditions.

Key account planning: Establishing the profile of an ‘ideal’ customer

Achieving new sales of your business product or service solutions requires care and finesse, especially in lean times. Mike Cameron explains what makes a ‘good’ customer and how producers can use that profile to achieve mutually beneficial ends.

Holcim announces job vacancy for NSW/ACT General Manager of Aggregates

Holcim is seeking a candidate with strong experience in the aggregates industry to fill a the critical role as General Manager for the aggregates division in NSW/ACT.

Quarries hit virtual classrooms amid COVID-19 lockdown

The Shelly Company has introduced a virtual quarry tour for primary school students in the United States as an alternative method to its hands-on quarry education program.